Traveling Pairs

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Traveling Pairs

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Has anyone traveled with another healthcare professional? My husband is a nurse and I am OT. I'm wondering if it would be possible to travel together. I have heard of traveling pairs with the same profession, but haven't found much about different professions. I'm wondering how or if this would work. Any advice or thoughts would be appreciated!

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Re: Traveling Pairs

Unread post by Hobohealth » Mon Apr 17, 2017 9:45 am

My wife and I are a PT/PT couple that were able to travel for 10 years. Sorry for my slow reply, we had a baby this week!!!

I have had close friends who traveled different professions, but together. One couple was a PT and an ER Doc the other was PT/SLP. But couples were able to make it work for a little while. The PT/SLP couple had to take longer assignments - 9 months for the school year for the SLP. The ER Doc/PT couple found some difficulty with schedules, mainly that the PT worked days and the ER Doc worked nights - this ended up being the limiting factor on their travel careers. They later went to do some work in Rwanda for a year, which is a completely different set of stories. I also have some friends who are a PT and electrician and a PT and recruiter... they have all managed to make it work too.

So, bottomline, it may take some finagling with schedules and contract length to make it work, but you can definitely do it. In fact, many of the places I've work in, particularly community hospitals, hire travelers of many disciplines. They might find it an advantage to find an RN and an OT in the same place.

Here is another discussion I think you will find useful started by a PT/OT couple:


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