Wondering about travel PT

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Wondering about travel PT

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I have recently began looking into travel PT and have found this site to be helpful so far. However I had a couple of questions. I apologize if this is not the proper place to ask. I graduated last May and have been working in outpatient setting since graduating. My current plan is to take OCS exam in March. I have been considering trying to become travel PT after passing, assuming I do. I was thinking about moving back into my parents while travelling to save money. I had several questions regarding this plan. I know this is far in advance but would like to know if it's feasible before making more of a serious plan.

1. I will have a dog (35 lb terrier mutt). I was wondering if travelling with a dog was doable, what I've read is this is doable but may make finding housing harder?
2. I am primarily interested in working in outpatient and have no experience in any other setting other than 10 week acute rotation. I am not against working in home health, SNF or acute but would have little experience. I am hoping having OCS will make me more competitive for OP jobs. Is it realistic to find mostly OP jobs as a traveler?
3. I have seen information on keeping tax home. Would moving back into my parents make more sense financially or should I consider cheap housing as tax home?

Thank you

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