Setting a Precident

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Setting a Precident

Unread post by Hobohealth » Wed Jan 05, 2011 11:25 pm

As the first post in this topic I feel this story should set a precident... don't let it.

I thought of this section as a place to share stories. As travelers we have experiences that no one can match. Whether it be an amazing secluded hike that few experience or an unbelievable tale of an unusual assignment, I want this area to be for anything intertaining, neat, or just plain good/strange.

This post is none of those. It is the kind of story you can't make up.

It turns out it's a big Brazillian vacation week here in Aspen. This means a lot of patients whose English is decent, but whose Portugese is better. While at the Urgent Care clinic at the base of the mountain today, I helped assist the nurses load the rag-dolling body of a lady who had passed out in the waiting room onto a stretcher to rush her back into the clinic. After returning the woman to conciousness and a bit of a medical work up, the MD had reason to order a pregnancy test. The lady headed to the bathroom to provide her "sample." After the she left the restroom, the nurse headed in to find the misunderstanding Brazillian woman had pooped in her urine cup.

...the worst part was the nurse having to return to the woman to request a repeat. Uhg, embarrassment all around.

A bit crude, but one of the funniest things I've seen in a while.

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