OT/PT couple interested in traveling

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Re: OT/PT couple interested in traveling

Unread post by Robertso010 » Wed Mar 30, 2016 7:44 pm

Tweety tina
I think it is a personal decision. The stipend can be a lot of money. But the hassell of
Finding short term leases can be challenging. If your up for the challenge find your own housing it will likely be better for you both and pay what is necessary to make it happen. I have had lease costs very high for such short durations. But ultimately you might still make some
Money off the top even paying so much. Or forget about it and have them figure it out and the other bank the stipend. Always look to see who is providing more stipwnd and take that one. But it might not be so black and white.
Goodluck tweety! Hope it helps

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