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We are frequently asked about the intricacies of benefits. Ask early in the process of job finding about what benefits are offered. Not every company will offer all benefits, but it's good to have a tally going on who is offering you what. In my mind, it doesn't matter how the pay breaks down into housing, per diem, and hourly, but the total post-tax take home should be comparable to offers from other recruiters.

-Per diem allowance
A monthly or weekly tax free stipend determined by the IRS based on your location intended to cover your daily cost of living.

-Housing allowance vs. having your housing arranged for you
A staffing company will allow you to take housing arranged by them or to take a stipend and do it yourself. We’ve done both and while it’s more convenient to take the companies housing, you can often save money and find a better location taking the time to find housing on your own.

-Health Insurance
Ask how much it costs you and how quickly it would kick in after start of employment, carrying your own independent insurance is also an option. Dental or eye benefits?

-Car/mileage allowance
Sometimes included on assignments with a long commute, heavy car use, or when you’ll need to rent a vehicle.

-PTO (paid time off)
Unusual, sometimes after being with a company for a couple assignments you will be offered PTO.

-Continuing education reimbursement
Worth asking about, some companies will give you money to take courses or buy books!

-Travel reimbursement
To get to and from your assignment.

-Licensing fee reimbursement
This is typically standard and you should make sure this is reimbursed.

-Loyalty Programs
Some companies offer a bonus or special incentives for staying with them over a period of time.

-Referral bonus
When you refer a friend to a recruiter, you get some extra cash! Ask how much they pay for referrals and how long your friend has to work before you get paid.

-Signing or completion bonus
Some contracts where you are needed urgently or that are in high-need areas will offer a signing or completion bonus. Worth asking about, but not always offered.
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Re: Benefits

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I forgot to mention retirement.

A company that offers 401K or similar will not likely give you those benefits during your first assignment with them. Typical is slowly increasing retirement benefits as the number of consecutive contracts with a company increases. (just as an example to clarify: No 401K first 13 weeks, 1% matching contributions second 13 weeks, 2% matching next 13 weeks)

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